Information for The Image File users

If you have an account with The Image File and currently use Dadfords to fulfil your orders please read the following carefully, as it will explain what will happen. Service will continue as normal, with an alternate fulfiller taking over our account. 

Orders placed up to 3rd November 2019.
Dadfords will fulfil as normal. If you already have TIF orders processing within our system, we will to continue to fulfil these. Our last day of printing and posting TIF orders will be on Sunday 3rd November 2019.
Orders placed from 4th November 2019 onwards.
We have an arrangement in place with leading UK printers, Sherwood Labs, who are able to take over the running of our Image File account. While the TIF element of our site will remain branded as Dadfords, it will be Sherwood labs that fulfil any orders placed on, or after 4th November. 

Please note that while Sherwoods will make every effort continue fulfilling the complete range of prints, posters, enlargements and gifts, you may see some small changes to your price plans, as they will implement their own procedures in the coming days.
You should direct any queries to Sherwood’s lab manager, and main contact, Michael Harrison. You can contact him on 01636 700321, or email him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank the photographers who chose Dadfords as a fulfilment lab - it has been a pleasure to fulfil the many thousands of orders placed over the years, and we wish you and your business continued success in the future.